Chess App

A fully-featured playable online Chess application built on Ruby on Rails and Javascript. Worked as part of an Agile development team while while following industry standards and best practices for continuous planning, setting weekly sprints, and conducting code reviews.

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Trip Planner and Expense Splitter

Trip-expense sharing app that allows Facebook users to create trips with groups of friends and record and split the costs of expenses (hotel, travel, food, etc.). Features include customizable splitting, receipt uploading, email notifications, and Venmo and Paypal options for payment processing.

Heroku  Live app   ...COMING SOON

Two-Sided Market Place

A two-sided, video-streaming marketplace platform that features credit card payment capabilities, user role management, complex user interfaces, and advanced database relationships.

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To Do App

This single-page to-do application features a fluid user interface that allows users to rapidly add dynamic content. Application was built using JavaScript.

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Yelp Clone

A Yelp clone that integrates with the Google Maps API and includes features like user comments, star ratings, image uploading, and user authentication.

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Test Driven Development

An Instagram clone that was built using industry-standard, test-driven development following numerous red/green/refactor cycles.

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Protein Bar Ecommerce Website

A marketing website and storefront for a nutrition company selling healthy protein bars. Supports online transaction processing, inventory management, and provides data analytics. I designed all the packaging and created the logo.

Website  Website

Quote Generator

A database-powered quote generator with a mobile-first design, using the Ruby on Rails framework, HTML, and CSS. Uses Git and GitHub for version control, and launched on Heroku.

Github 128  Source code Heroku  Live app