#1 Introduction

September 14, 2016


Hello and welcome to my blog! I plan to use this platform as a personal tool for journaling and self-reflection. My hope is that by putting my thoughts to paper, I’ll be able to gain a deeper understanding of who I am, who I’m becoming, and how I should live my life.

So why am I openly blogging rather than keeping a personal journal?

For one, the act of sharing my thoughts in a public space will force me to write assiduously and with more discipline. Second, if a reader can relate to my story, or even gather inspiration from one of my articles, well that’s just awesome. Third, I love hearing what people have to say and would encourage readers that enjoy my blog to reach out to me. For various reasons, I decided not to implement a comment section. Lastly, there really is no downside. If a reader finds my writing uninteresting, they can close the browser and be done with it. This all saying there’s any readers to begin with of course.

So that’s the initial plan for the blog. I'm leaving it simple, but open-ended. If articles start piling up or start to look like blog spaghetti, I’ll categorize it. I’m in a transition stage in my life right now so I have a lot on my mind. I'll expand on this in my next post.