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I am a web developer with a comprehensive knowledge in building interactive Ruby on Rails and Javascript applications. I became a developer so that I could create technologies that will optimize and improve how humans interact with each other. I love to travel and I’m currently building an app that will simplify and automate complicated tasks, such as trip planning and expense splitting.

I embrace challenging projects, unfamiliar software, and I learn quickly and thrive in fast-paced work environments. I'm currently freelancing as a developer and occasionally a graphic designer. I used to be a mechanical engineer with a focus on system design and manufacturing.


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 Adobe Photoshop





Mechanical Engineering

SolidWorks, CadKey, Teamcenter, Abaqus/CAE (FEM), MATLAB, MasterCam, FlashCut CNC, LabView, Machine Shop, Oracle Database & BOM management, GD&T, MSO, Microsoft Project


FhpThe Firehose ProjectLos Angeles, CA

Software Engineering Bootcamp2016-2017

  • Built fully-functional Rails and JavaScript web applications using MVC architecture, object-oriented programming principles, Git workflow, and test-driven development.
  • Wrote complex algorithms and designed traditional CS data structures while learning to break down problems and tackle challenges like a professional software engineer.

UcsbUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraGoleta, CA

B.S. Mechanical Engineering2008-2012

Dean’s List, College of Engineering - Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Winter 2012


ChessAgile Team Chess App Heroku  Live app Github 128  Source code

  • Built a playable Chess web application while following industry standards and best practices for continuous planning, setting weekly sprints, and conducting code reviews.
  • Organized tasks with Trello and wrote clean, tested code using RSpec, Codeship and Rubocop.
  • Built many of the app’s features including: determining if the game is in checkmate, dragging and dropping pieces to move, allowing player’s to castle, logic to validate legal moves, piece obstructions, player assignment, turn-based logic, populating the board with pieces, and Facebook authentication. ...Coming Soon

  • Trip-expense sharing app that allows Facebook users to create trips with groups of friends and record and split the costs of expenses (hotel, travel, food, etc.).
  • Features customizable splitting, receipt uploading, email notifications, and database/UI changes when payments are successful.
  • Currently working on setting up a payment system that will integrate with Venmo and Paypal APIs.

Infrared-detecting semiconductor carrier - Capstone project

  • Collaborated with a team of engineering students to design and produce a carrier for mounting square semiconductor CZT (Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride) wafers during fabrication processes at Raytheon to be used in infrared detectors.
  • Modeled and proposed 7 design ideas (with FEA data and demonstration of use) for the new wafer carrier, one of which was well-received as our final design and taken into production.
  • Created and prototyped a new simplistic and ergonomic carrier to replace the old carrier, with improvements in reduced wafer breakage and mounting/demounting time efficiency, while conforming to strict specifications and micron tolerances.

Shuttle remote manipulator system design - Team lead

  • Guided and instructed a mechanical engineering team of five to understand and tackle the design of the mechanical Canada arm on the NASA space shuttle.
  • Performed analysis to find an ideal composite material and accounted for thermal distortion, tip deflection from payloads, weight restrictions, maximum applied moments, launch vibration, and geometrical constraints.


GlenairGlenairGlendale, CA

Manufacturing EngineerMar 2014-Aug 2016

  • Organized and oversaw the manufacturing processes of military and commercial grade cable assemblies and connectors.
  • Created assembly procedures and BOMs for over 500 new cable assemblies.
  • Designed, prototyped, and implemented new tooling to aid operators on the assembly line.
  • Developed new functional and electrical testing methods and wrote instructional manuals.
  • Routinely followed up with jobs on the production floor to help operators in need of assistance and to optimize workflow.
  • Improved internal processes, updated work standards, helped train new engineers, and supported third party quality audits.
  • IPC-WHMA-A-620 and NASA-STD-8739.4 certified.

BAE Systems San Diego Ship RepairBaeSan Diego, CA

Quality Assurance EngineerAug 2013-Mar 2014

  • Wrote and reviewed Engineering Process Control Procedures for maintenance, repairs, modifications, and testing of steering and propulsion systems on naval battleships and aircraft carriers.
  • Created how-to guides and instruction manuals with documentation packages for subcontractors and trades (machinists, pipefitters, etc.).
  • Organized weekly progress meetings with program managers, superintendents, port engineers, ship’s force, craft managers, material coordinators, and government representatives.
  • Conducted surveys and perform ship checks to gather data for the development of work specifications and SHIPALT schematic drawings.
  • Used Solidworks to design and draft working layouts and detailed drawings of bulkheads and deck compartments due to interferences or necessary modifications.

General Dynamics Land SystemsGdSterling Heights, MI

Systems Integration EngineerJun 2012-Jun 2013

  • Acted as the primary interface for system design development and the prototype build shop. Initiated and oversaw the integration, verification, and problem resolution of principal systems.
  • Used PTC Creo and Teamcenter to condense pre-existing assemblies and create new space claims.
  • Created and managed large EBOMs and databases, prototype/mockup build plans, and generated detailed shop work orders for mechanics to build, modify, and trial fit components in vehicles.
  • Developed and reviewed Engineering Change Orders and kit installation instructions and performed retrofits accordingly.
  • Contributed to projects including a rework of the hull, engine, and fuel tank of the M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank, a new power-pack and chemical detector system to be implemented in the Stryker vehicles, and upgrades/mods to the Medical Evacuation, Mortar Carrier, and NBCRV vehicles.